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Sunday 24 February 2013


It is a bit late for New Year's Resolutions and I don't normally get involved with them but I think I accidentally made one the other day.  My flatmate, Ali, has decided this year to cover 3000 miles ( by running/cycling/otherwise in 2013 to raise money for Save the Children and the Motor Neurone Disease Association. My February resolution is not quite as athletic or charitable, and I will sadly end up  fatter, poorer and more hungover because of it.

Last weekend, whilst she was out running/cycling/otherwise, I was sitting in my pyjamas in the living room eating my own weight in pasta and pesto, watching Top Gear reruns on Dave and procrastinating on Facebook. My friend Natalie suggested that we try out a new speakeasy bar called Underdog (more on that later) underneath Brewdog Shoreditch where Beer Cocktails (yes please) would be served up.  A bit of research led me to my new favourite website - The Nudge - which updates you on pop-up restaurants, speakeasy bars, and generally quirky London experiences.  This is where The List began.

I trawled through The Nudge making a note of each exciting place that I wanted to try out but it didn't stop there. I moved on to other websites - Great Little Place, Bar Chick100 Must Do Dates - until the list spilled over on to a second page on Microsoft Word and I decided to call it a day.  With a trip to Underdog in place, my plan is to work my way (preferably with friends!) through The List in 2013, starting on Friday February 23rd. 

I will endeavour to blog about all of my trips, hopefully without misusing commas more than 75% of the time or offending my better educated friends with my attempts at writing in whole sentences rather than with algebra / musical notation / Latin for the first time in a long time. That sentence was rubbish and too long wasn't it? Anyway, enjoy and get involved!

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  1. I have a very similar thing going on with my blog! Though mine was inspired by moving back from NY and wanting to fall in love with London again, and mine just keeps growing and growing! You have some of the same sources as inspiration as me - The Nudge, Bar Chick etc too. Good luck in your quest!


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