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Monday 19 August 2013

Feast at Brick Lane Yard - 2013

Thursday July 4th - Here is a rather belated write up for Feast food festival at Brick Lane Yard from the beginning of July.  I will let the pictures tell most of the story - we ate a lot, then we had a rest, then we ate some more basically.  If you like what you see, get tickets which have recently gone on sale to their 1 year old birthday celebrations from 13-15th September, which are taking place in the Quadrangle of Guys Hospital in London Bridge.

Can't go wrong with Flat Iron from Soho - read my write up on their restaurant here.

Delicious When Mac met Cheese cooked on the spot by Sammy

Generous portion of yummy Satay Chicken from Ayam Legend
Find them at the Skyroom, London Bridge

Fantastic lamb flatbread wraps from Mike + Ollie
Find them at Brockley Market on Saturdays or Kerb King's Cross most Fridays
Alternatively sign up for one of their supper clubs in Camberwell

Ice Creams & Macaroons from Le Petit Paris

The efficient Mumma Schnitzel

The incredible Mumma Schnitzel burger - wow.

The Octopus with Potato Purée & Paprika from Copita (Soho) was outstanding
Thanks for the Morcilla taster! - Black pudding, apple and almonds

Best stall goes to Angela Hartnett's Whitechapel Gallery Dining Room for their blowup fish
The truffle chips weren't half bad either.

Undercover Edesia Shrine - Edesia is the Roman Goddess of Feasting apparently

Least appealing food sign ever by BAO?  See my post on Netil Market for a re-enactment

Finished off with sublime Lemon Parfait and Raspberry Curd from After Hours Dessert
Their Dessert, Coffee and Cocktail evenings are extremely high up on The List.

Not pictured here, we also had some excellent iced coffee from Caravan, and numerous tasters including some moreish La Bauma Cheesecake from Tramontana.  The choice of restaurant & street food stalls was impressive, but it never quite matched the atmosphere of the previous Feast (read more here). Unlike Brick Lane Yard, the Tobacco Dock was such a unique setting which allowed them to tuck away secret events like Ping Tron and Rita's Supper Club, and also have live bands and dancing.  Without exciting extras like that (there was a small croquet lawn, and a coconut shy that you needed to pay for), it is unfair to charge too much entry for street food that you can normally walk up to for free.  The main draw was therefore having tasters from restaurants that you might not normally splash out on.  I will probably go to the next one, but I hope that they bring back some more of the fun from Feast at Tobacco Dock.  Thanks to Natalie and Lauren for eating their way through all the stalls with me!

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