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Sunday 8 December 2013

Popcorn Flip

Guest Post - After an incredible night at Monkey Shoulder's Malt Jockey event back in March, I was devastated when I realised that I couldn't make it along to their Popcorn Flip event a couple of weeks ago. Instead, I begrudgingly sent along Team List regular Tim and his brother Matt to cover the event:

Thursday November 21st - After a cheeky beer cocktail at The Jones Family Project (read more here), we arrived at the Popcorn Flip address, only to find a piece of paper on the gate directing us around the back. Having dived down a couple of alleyways and arrived at the side entrance to a seemingly abandoned warehouse, expectations were confused to say the least but any doubts were quickly vanquished upon entry. Having donned our protective boiler suits we entered the arena head on into a cannon firing popcorn at us. "Sorry," said the man dropping popcorn into the cannon. He wasn't.

The decor inside consisted mainly of novelty sized movie themed props including a giant directors chair, a giant box of popcorn and a few rows of cinema seats.

There was a bouncy castle, with the entire surface covered in a couple of inches of popcorn; a popcorn "ball pit", filled 2 feet deep with popcorn for people to lounge in, and a stall of popcorn (actually for eating) available in over 20 flavours ranging from the regular salted or sweet all the way to goats cheese & walnut, madras curry, and tomato & mozzarella.

There were a number of stations around each of the rooms serving a selection of cocktails, all based on Monkey Shoulder whisky, who were running the event. The Old Fashioned was particularly delicious and we even had the chance to try our hand at making them in the "make your own" sections. If the girl is reading - the one who said to our cocktail instructor "That guy definitely just put more than 2 shots in", after I'd poured my own whisky - time to take a long hard look at yourself. 

Finally, there was the main drink of the evening, the "Popcorn Flip" itself. This consisted of whisky, a (secret) popcorn infused liqueur and an egg (thus making it a Flip).  It tasted great, particularly as we were lucky enough to get our hands on the final two of the evening to be served. Kudos to the barman who responded to our "I think you forgot to put the whisky in this cocktail" plea by just getting out some shot glasses and joining us in having a nip of Monkey Shoulder. 

Keep an eye out for the next Monkey Shoulder popup event by following them on Twitter, liking their Facebook page, or signing up for updates here.

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