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Sunday 14 June 2015

EXCLUSIVE : The Crystal Maze

It's not often that I find myself in an Aztec temple on a Friday lunchtime, but a couple of weeks ago I swapped the gloomy streets of London for a secluded sandbox in a quest for riches.  Have I lost the plot? Well yes, some time ago, but I've also found THE CRYSTAL MAZE.

That's right. The rumours are true.  It's coming back, 25 years after it first aired on television; but this time, it's a live, immersive experience that anyone with a ticket can enjoy, and it's going to be right here in London.  Oh, and Richard O'Brien is on board - no big deal. Fingers crossed for an appearance from Mumsey and passive-aggressive / flirty computers too.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, take a crash course on Wikipedia or watch this.

Team Matt The List were lucky enough to be invited round to a top secret location for an exclusive preview of a game from the Aztec Zone - one of the four iconic sections that will make up the full experience along with Mediaeval, Futuristic and Industrial. 

Under intense pressure from the sidelines (and heat from my deluxe Crystal Maze bomber jacket), I managed to negotiate the room, free the crystal and escape with seconds to spare. Others after me weren't so successful and you know what that means - LOCK IN and a waste of valuable Crystal Dome time (yes, your dreams of jumping around in a spherical wind machine grabbing cash are going to be realised).

Ideally, you want to assemble an 8-strong team to tackle the maze, though don't worry if you are booking in smaller groups as you will be paired up with others.  Four teams will enter the maze at once, rotating around the zones with their Maze Master before meeting in the middle to snatch at golden tickets in The Crystal Dome.  

The whole experience (£50 a ticket) should last around 1 hour 45 minutes, but you can also hang around afterwards to debrief and watch others working their way around whilst enjoying some of London's finest street food and booze.

So, all you need to do now is buy tickets; or rather, you need to head over to their Indiegogo funding page which went live today (14th June).  They're offering all sorts of wonderful rewards in exchange for your support, but you should definitely snap up the £45 tickets before they are all gone - I would expect ticket sales to go crazy once the word gets out.

Ben, Tom & Dean from Little Lion Entertainment - the clever folk behind The Crystal Maze and their previous hit, Heist

That just leaves Gladiators, Finder's Keepers, and Takeshi's Castle on Matt The Bucket List. 

Anybody want to build those for me?

Twitter: @CrystalMazeHQ
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